Suppose you are caught driving while impaired (DWI); you will be charged with a criminal offense. Whether or not that offense is a felony or a misdemeanor depends on any aggravating and mitigating factors that might also apply, which an Orange DWI attorney can help you understand.

Aggravating Factors in a DWI Case

Aggravating factors refer to any causes that would make a DWI offense even worse and subject to harsher penalties. The more aggravating factors that apply, the longer the potential jail sentence and the higher the fine if you are found guilty.

Aggravating factors could include driving with a suspended license or with a passenger who is a minor while committing a DWI offense. You might have another prior DWI conviction that happened within the last 7 years.

Mitigating Factors in a DWI Case

A mitigating factor could help you obtain a more lenient sentence if facing a DWI charge. A common mitigating factor is undergoing a substance abuse evaluation and obtaining counseling while staying sober.

Among other mitigating factors are a clean driving record, being only slightly impaired, or using prescription medication in the proper dosage. Your Orange DWI attorney can help you to understand which mitigating factors might apply in your case.

How Can an Orange County DWI Attorney Help You?

An Orange DWI lawyer will uphold your rights and help you to present a strong legal defense. When possible, your attorney might challenge the probable cause, evidence gathering, or the chain of evidence custody.

Your attorney can also help you identify potential mitigating factors and present them in court to reduce potential penalties. If any aggravating factors might apply, your attorney can help you to understand how they might affect your case and defend against them.

You can retain an experienced Orange County DWI lawyer by calling the Law Office of Tony Huynh or submitting our online form to schedule an initial consultation. We will enable you to uphold your rights in court when you face a DWI charge or any other alleged offenses.

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