Small Claims Representation

Small Claims Representation

Small Claims court is specially designed to solve disputes fast and inexpensively. Small claim cases mostly involve monetary disputes, restitution of property and eviction. Cases involving divorce, name change, guardianship, bankruptcy, request for emergency relief, false arrest, libel and slander are not permissible in small claims courts.

The courts are quite informal and apply simplified rules. In small claims cases, you are required to represent yourself. However, there are exceptions to this rule. If you are below 18 years of age, or if a court declares that you are mentally incompetent, your guardian may represent you. For minors, the representative is usually the parent. If the court determines that you are not able to properly present your case or defend yourself for some reason or another, it may allow somebody else other than an attorney to represent you. However, this does not apply to all states. If you find yourself in small claim situation and you don’t know how to approach the case, contact Tony Huynh, a very experienced North Carolina small claims representation attorney for clarity of matters.

Given the nature of these cases, the costs involved are quite low. However, for states that allow representation by an attorney, the costs may go up for the reason that some attorneys can be quite exorbitant. Tony Huynh is unlike the rest; His charges are very low and commensurate to the nature of the case, among other factors. Having successfully defended many people in the past, Tony Huynh is undoubtedly your North Carolina small claims representation attorney of choice. Therefore, do not take chances. Do not take risks with that which can easily become an unnecessary burden. There is no better thing than being certain about the outcome of your case, especially knowing that it will end up in your favor.

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