Child Safety Seat Laws in North Carolina

Back in 2011, close to 700 children were killed in collisions while nearly 150 thousand were injured. One-third of the children killed weren’t secured or not properly placed in their restraint system.  These could’ve been avoided with proper attention to Child Safety Laws

It is important to know the Child Safety Laws in your state for your child’s protection, your peace of mind and to avoid being penalized.

Here are the most significant safety laws in North Carolina, but if you’ve already run afoul of the law, a NC Traffic Attorney will be more than capable of assisting.

Child Seat Laws In North Carolina

According to the North Carolina Department of Public Safety, any child who is under the age of eight should be fitted in a safety system in a vehicle.

There’s also a weight limit that goes with the age. If the child is eighty pounds or less, the requirement is steadfast, but a child above the weight limit can be exempted.

The seat cannot be random but should be suitable for the child’s age and weight.

If the car has a back seat and an activated passenger-side front airbag, a child under the age of five and weighing less than forty pounds must be adequately safeguarded in the back seat.

However, if the child safety setup is configured for use with airbags, then it can be used elsewhere in the vehicle.

If there is no access to a seat which has belts from the shoulder and lap to safeguard the child restraint system appropriately, then there is another option.

The child under the age of eight and weighing between forty and eighty pounds can be secured only by a belt that suitably fits the child’s lap.

Protected Ages and Positions

This legislation applies to children under sixteen who are riding in the front or back seats. The North Carolina Seat Belt Law applies to drivers and passengers aged sixteen and up but if for any reason you are ticketed, reach out to a local Forsyth County Traffic Attorney if this occurred in Winston Salem.

Vehicles That Fall Under The Regulations

Seat belts are required by federal law in all vehicles. Cars built after the year 1967, as well as vans and lighter trucks that were built after the year 1971, fall into this category.

There Are Several Child Seat Exceptions

Vehicles without seatbelts are not allowed to have them, which includes any car built prior to 1968 larger vehicles built before 1972, as well as buses and emergency transportation.

Penalties For Inadequate Child Seat Protection

Any children under the age of sixteen are the responsibility of the driver.

  • A fine of no more than $25 will be imposed.
  • The total court expenses ($263) are applicable.
  • Two marks on your driver’s license
  • There are no insurance points.

If the child is under the age of four and evidence of CRD acquisition since the breach is presented at trial, there will be no prosecution. You should contact the Law Office of Tony Huynh to ensure a favorable result.

How A Lawyer Can Help

Traffic attorneys in Winston Salem, Traffic Ticket Attorneys NC and/or Forsyth County Traffic Lawyer NC are fully knowledgeable of the child safety laws. They are capable of helping you navigate the system.

It’s best to hire a competent lawyer in your region like a Forsyth County traffic lawyer who practices continually in the court that the ticket must be turned in to.

You must provide your attorney with all the requisite documentation about your vehicle. If the incident involved another car, then your traffic lawyer Forsyth NC will need those documents too.

If you’re accused of violating the law, it can be mitigated with a professional attorney such as the Law Office of Tony Huynh along with a compassionate prosecutor or judge.

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