North Carolina is one state that considers penalties for a DWI or a DUI the same serious charge. You need a Davidson County DWI attorney to help you fight for and protect your rights in a DWI case.

How Long Does a DWI Stay on Your Record?

A DWI conviction could follow you for years and ruin your future, which is why you need a DWI lawyer in Davidson, NC. DWI convictions remain on record for life and could have a huge long-term impact. Although expungement to a less serious offense from one’s criminal record had been made in North Carolina, DWI convictions are not included under this.

How Do You Get a DWI Dismissed?

Dismissal of a DWI is rare in North Carolina as critical factors need to be considered. Without a DWI attorney in Davidson, NC, you cannot fight this conviction in court. Chances for a DWI getting dismissed include factors like :

  • Past Criminal Record
  • How the police handled the situation
  • Lack of legal suspicion to pull you over
  • Improper conduct of the tests

DWI cases can get complicated. Your DWI attorney in Davidson, NC, will investigate whether or not you have a good case. Your attorney can help reduce the number of meetings required and get some of your penalties reduced. For instance, charges may be dropped if there is no injury to other persons or property. 

Further, your lawyer can enter a plea bargain. Your lawyer can help you by protecting your legal rights if you are questioned illegally. 

Another option is that your DWI lawyer in Davidson, NC, can help you get a limited driver’s license so you can continue to work, meet doctors’ appointments, and attend school. 

The court is more receptive if you have legal representation. Without a seasoned DWI attorney in Davidson, NC, you cannot see a reduction in possible DWI charges. 

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