If you are facing DWI/ DUI charges in North Carolina, several questions may cross your mind: Am I staring at a jail sentence? If so, what is the length of the sentence? Is there a possibility for probation? Is my license likely to be suspended or revoked? If it is suspended, how long will it last? What fines am I likely to pay? Will I have to do community service or go to a DIW/ DUI school? Whether or not these factors are applicable in your case depends on a number of factors. Regardless of your case, you need an experienced North Carolina DWI Attorney like Tony Huynh to successfully argue your case out.

Driving while impaired or DWI as it is commonly called, is a serious offense that can easily take away your freedom, crush your reputation and even drain your bank account. In North Carolina, DWI covers drunk driving, among other offenses related to driving under the influence of drugs. To confirm DWI, the law in NC allows for checking of blood alcohol concentration, or BAC. If drugs or alcohol or both impair your mental or physical fitness, you are answerable to DWI charges.

DWI Penalties

DWI penalties should make you sober. Sentencing in NC is dependent on whether you are a first-time offender or not. If you are under 21 years of age, you automatically lose your license as you defend yourself. Whatever the case, Tony Huynh will be a listening North Carolina DWI attorney who puts himself in your shoes and feels what you feel so he can defend you better. He personalizes your relationship with you for the sake of trust. So, don’t let this case wear you down when you have an expert at the Law Office of Tony Huynh who can help you with it.

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