Traffic violations can result in losing your license. Having your license suspended or revoked can result in loss of work and prevent you from performing daily activities. When you admit guilt on traffic violations your insurance goes up and your license could be suspended. In North Carolina when you have more than 12 traffic violations or license points in 3 years this often leads to a suspended license.

When North Carolina police pull you over for such violations the fines are quite high. Along with those fines it can increases your insurance rates, along with adding unwanted points against your license. In North Carolina being sited for aggressive driving, illegal passing, following too closely, and driving on wrong side of road all count toward points on your license, in addition to seeing your insurance rates increase and in some cases double.

Qualified North Carolina Traffic Attorney Tony Huynh can help with serious traffic violations, seat belt violations, speeding tickets, passing a stopped school bus, or running a red light. Before you give up your right to drive call Tony Huynh to learn more about how he can help you. He knows how to investigate the evidence against you and negotiate to help you keep your license, avoid adding points against your license, and avoid a higher insurance rate.

Tony Huynh is a highly qualified and experienced traffic attorney. He will fight for your rights to maintain your lifestyle after a serious traffic violation. This law firm leaves no stone un-turned to help you win your case. When you hire this law firm you don’t have to go to court they will handle the case for you.

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