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We cover traffic cases in Guilford, Forsyth, Randolph, Alamance, Orange, Rockingham, Davidson, and Davie Counties.

More often than not, all that we need from you would be a copy of your driving record. If other items (new registration, new license, insurance letter) are needed, our office will let you know.

In most cases, no. Traffic cases are typically resolved in administrative court, which does not require your appearance. We will provide you with a Waiver of Appearance, which will allow our office to represent you on your behalf. There are the rare occasions in which you will have to be in court, but our office will be sure to let you know.

A continuance only means that we have moved your court date, either to a different court room, different date, or a combination of both. A continuance does not cost anything extra, nor does it negatively affect your case.

There are many reasons why a case needed to be continued. Usually the first court date is regarded as “First Appearance.” Often, cases are not resolved on the first court date, which is a reason why y0ur case may be continued. Other times, the attorney may be negotiating your case and /or there are missing documents / files needed to resolve your case, which is why cases are continued. Most counties provide you up to six months before a case must reach a resolution, so as long as your case is resolved within that time frame, you are in great shape.

Typically, we like to turn over our cases relatively fast. Usually on the first, or by the second court date, we like to have your case fully resolved. Unless there are special circumstances, which require additional documentations like a driving school or community service, those may take longer depending on how long it takes the client to finish everything.

No. If you pay that amount before hiring an attorney or after hiring an attorney, you will be pleading guilty at the charge as listed on your citation. You do not need to pay anything until we have contacted you and told you a new total to pay.

Payment via credit / debit card over the phone,
Online by sending you a direct invoice, or
Drop payment off at our office location

While we have estimates of what things may cost in the end, we want to be as honest as possible with our clients. As such, we do not collect court costs, since costs can fluctuate and change. Most counties will provide at least 30 days after the resolution of your case in order for you to pay.

There are multiple ways for you to pay court costs. Usually, our office will provide you a way to pay court costs online because it is most convenient. However, you can pay directly at the county courthouse where your case was being held or mail your payment in directly to the courthouse.

In North Carolina, the DMV allows you to get up to 12 points on your driving record before a suspension takes place.

In North Carolina, the reduction of Improper Equipment is usually the best result outside of a dismissal. It is a non-moving violation, which means this will carry zero driver license points, zero insurance points so that you do not see any increases on your insurance premiums.

No, we as attorneys at law cannot guarantee any results. The District Attorney will look at your driving record before they can determine whether or not they can offer you an improper equipment or not. In most counties, if you had an improper equipment reduction within the last 3 years, most likely the DA will not offer another improper equipment unless there are special circumstances (Ex. Driving school, etc.)

Driving school is usually between 4 to 8 hours. Depending on the deal the DA offers, determines the amount of hours you will need to take. Driving school can be taken online or in person. Some counties require an in person driver’s education course.

It depends. Some counties require community service when you reach an excess of a certain speed. Unless our office tells you that you have to do community service, in order to get a reduction in your case, then you do not need to worry about it.

Absolutely not. It is unethical for attorneys to guarantee dismissals for any cases. Dismissals are rare, and contingent on a case-by-case basis. If there is a chance your case will be dismissed, we will let you know in advance the probability.

If you have any questions we did not answer here, please give our office a call at 336 355 7023. Thank you.

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