Crimes are committed on a daily basis in all parts of the world including North Carolina. Some criminals commit crimes over and over. Others may commit a crime and then realize what a mistake they made. When this happens, the defendant can possibly opt for expungement.

What expungement means

Expungement is a lawsuit that allows a first time offender of a prior criminal conviction to ask that the records of that conviction be sealed so the public cannot see them. You can go on with your life as if the incident never happened. Many types of offenses receive expungement from parking fines to felonies.

Requirements for expungement

For your conviction to be considered for expungement, there are requirements you must meet. You must wait for a certain period between the incident and the expungement. You must meet all sentence and probation requirements and not have any more incidences since the conviction. You can also have no more than a certain number of prior convictions.

For a case to be expunged, you must have no pending proceedings. The conviction also must not be considered too serious in nature.

Difference between expungement and pardon

When your case is expunged, you can return to your normal life as if the incident never happened. This is not the case with a pardon. A pardon doesn’t erase the incident. It simply shows forgiveness for the crime committed.

Only judges grant expungements. The President for federal offenses grants a pardon. The governor pardons state convictions, certain state executive officers or the State Board of Pardons and Paroles.

To sum it up

If you or a family member has been convicted of a crime, your life isn’t over. Tony Huynh is an experienced attorney in expungement and can help you get your life back and erase that mistake.

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