Getting a traffic ticket in High Point, Greensboro, Oak Ridge, or anywhere in Forsyth County, can be something that affects your life and livelihood. You might be tempted to pay the fine and take the consequences because you broke the law, but the impact on your driver’s license and insurance can be more serious than you anticipate. The Law Office of Tony Huynh can help you with your Forsyth County speeding ticket and any other driving infraction you’ve been ticketed over.

Actions You Should Take After Committing a Forsyth County Traffic Violation

You’re not a criminal, outside of a DWI/DUI after getting a traffic ticket. However, you have violated one or more Forsyth County traffic laws, were caught by a police officer, and now you have to respond to the traffic ticket. Your first step should be to contact a Forsyth traffic lawyer for a consultation, but in the meantime, don’t pay your ticket right away. You don’t want to take any action until you’ve talked to a Forsyth traffic attorney about what you should do about the citation.

Paying a ticket is an automatic admission of guilt, something that can affect your insurance rates and takes points off your driver’s license. All drivers in the Greensboro area, no matter how frequently, or infrequently, need to prevent the damage that’s done to their license and insurance by contacting Forsyth County traffic attorneys that can help. You may feel that retaining a lawyer for a Forsyth County speeding ticket is excessive but consider what can happen to your ability to drive if you’re not proactive with getting a moving violation cleared.

How Getting a Moving Violation in Forsyth County Affects Your Driver’s License

The costs of a moving violation in North Carolina are expensive, and that’s just the start of the costs you’ll pay for a Forsyth County speeding ticket. Pleading guilty to a moving violation can make your insurance go up. You’ll wind up paying extra on your policy for months afterwards. Another reason why you should get a Forsyth County traffic lawyer is North Carolina’s point system. If you accumulate 12 points within a three-year period, your license may be suspended for 60 days. You might think that getting a few points taken off your license isn’t an issue, but can you be sure you won’t get another ticket within three years?

In the event you run afoul of traffic laws and accumulate 12 points against your license, you’re going to have to go through the suspension. It’s true that the points are canceled afterwards, but can you live without your license for two months? The suspension doesn’t disappear from your record, either. If you get another eight points on your license in the following three years, you’ll get a second suspension of six months. A third suspension lasts for one year.

Don’t take chances and talk to a traffic attorney Forsyth County for help with a moving violation. Being proactive and retaining a traffic lawyer Forsyth County can help you reduce or eliminate the damage done to your driver’s license after a speeding ticket or other moving violation.

Types of Forsyth County Traffic Violations That the Law Office of Tony Huynh can Help With

Traffic lawyer Tony Huynh can handle a variety of Forsyth County traffic violations that include:

  • Speeding
  • Passing a bus
  • Improper lane use
  • Careless driving
  • Failure to slow down
  • No driver’s license
  • Revoked license
  • Driving while impaired

Getting Representation for DUI/DWI in Forsyth County

The driving while intoxicated laws in North Carolina are very severe and there is little in the way of leniency in how the laws are applied. North Carolina is an implied consent state. If you drive while intoxicated, you have consented to a blood alcohol content (BAC) test. When an officer determines you have been driving under the influence, you will be charged with DWI.

Drivers who are 21 years or younger and are caught driving under the influence are held to a zero-tolerance standard for DWI. Any evidence, no matter how low the BAC, is enough evidence for a conviction and loss of license. Drivers who are 21 years and older can be convicted of DWI if their BAC is .08% or higher.

You’re going to need a traffic lawyer Forsyth County for a DWI citation regardless of the circumstances of the ticket. The Law Office of Tony Huynh can defend you against a DWI and its impact on your life.

FAQs About Forsyth County Traffic Tickets

Why should I hire a Forsyth County traffic lawyer when I can mail in my payment?

As previously mentioned, paying a fine for a traffic ticket is an automatic guilty plea and impacts your wallet along with your license for a long time afterwards. You may be given the option of traffic school to clear your record, but this is something that takes time and money you might not want to spend. Our Forsyth County traffic attorneys take care of your issue on your behalf and ultimately save you money.

Do I have to show up for court?

No, you don’t have to show up unless you want to be there. You provide a waiver of appearance to the Forsyth traffic lawyer, and they appear in court on your behalf. The Forsyth traffic attorney then takes care of the ticket in front of the judge on your behalf.

I have existing traffic tickets on my record, and I’ve gotten another one. Can a Forsyth traffic attorney help me?

Yes, the Law Office of Tony Huynh can help you even if you’ve got prior tickets and points against your license. You should consult with our traffic attorney Forsyth County to discuss your specific situation and what kind of defense can be presented on your behalf.

What kind of outcome can I expect by having a Forsyth traffic lawyer?

Every traffic citation presents a unique situation along with the details that accompany your situation. In turn, everyone’s outcome is going to be different from each other. There is also the fact you can’t predict how a judge will rule on the specifics of a case, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t retain a lawyer to represent you for a traffic ticket and take your chances.

A Forsyth County traffic lawyer is trained to understand the law and how to apply a defense on behalf of their client. Their knowledge and expertise can increase the odds in your favor that you won’t be punished heavily for your driving infraction and save you from having points against your license along with keeping your insurance premiums from going up. Call the Law Office of Tony Huynh today to set up a consultation and learn more about how he can help you with your moving violation.

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