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Nothing good ever comes out of getting a traffic ticket, and traffic cops, as well as the courts in North Carolina, take those offenses seriously. You need a traffic ticket attorney Guilford County if you’ve gotten a speeding ticket or have been slapped with traffic violation charges.

While a ticket or citation can appear to be a minor offense, there are significant and long-term financial implications, as well as the possibility of prison time in some cases.

What Happens When I Plead Guilty to Traffic Offenses

It’s never a good idea to plead guilty to a traffic violation. Over the long term, getting a traffic lawyer Guilford County NC might save you a lot of money.

Furthermore, our attorneys will also handle your traffic violation without you needing to appear in court. Please contact the Law Office of Tony Huynh promptly to find out how we can help you with your traffic tickets.

Allowing a traffic ticket to impact your driving record and insurance premium is not a good idea. Your record can get points added if you receive a speeding ticket or traffic violation.

How Will My Insurance Premium Be Affected

Your insurance premiums will inevitably rise due to these points, and your driver’s license might be revoked. Many drivers wonder if a Guilford County traffic lawyer will benefit them and why they should not go ahead and pay the ticket.

In paying the fine, you’re admitting guilt and taking the full punishment. Our traffic lawyer Guilford County NC is often able to negotiate reduced fines, costs, and penalties.

Such outcomes also shield our clients from substantial rises in insurance premiums that would have occurred if our Guilford County traffic lawyer had not successfully negotiated a fee reduction.

Hiring the Law Office of Tony Huynh could save excessive insurance premium increases.

We get specific speeding tickets withdrawn or decreased to an infraction that brings no points.

What if I Have Multiple Guilty Pleas For Traffic Offenses? 

Furthermore, if a driver has two guilty pleas for going more than ten miles per hour above the speed limit in less than three years, their insurance premiums may increase by nearly 200 percent.

Hiring a skilled traffic ticket attorney Guilford County can prevent this. To learn more about how we can assist you with your speeding ticket or traffic citation, contact the Law Office of Tony Huynh today.

Types of Guilford County Traffic Tickets

Our attorneys represent clients who have been charged with traffic violations for the following offenses: tickets for speeding, charges after an Accident, driving aggressively, DWI and DUI.

There’s also speeding to evade Law enforcement or in a school or work zone, stop sign or traffic light violation, texting and driving, unpaid parking tickets, and multiple other charges.

Isn’t Representation Very Costly?

Our traffic ticket attorney Guilford County remains committed to offering reliable legal representation at incredibly competitive rates and without the requirement for you to go to court, having settled thousands of traffic ticket cases.

We will gladly take the time to go over the details of your traffic ticket and answer any questions you might have.

We will work tirelessly to help you avoid an increase in your insurance premiums or regain your driver’s license.

What If I Ignore My Traffic Ticket?

The last thing you should ever do when you obtain a traffic citation is to ignore it. Failure to pay your traffic ticket would almost certainly result in your license being suspended, extra court fees, and potentially even an arrest warrant.

Contact a Guilford County traffic lawyer right away if you’ve missed your date at 201 S Eugene St, Greensboro, NC 27401 courthouse (Greensboro) or 505 East Green Drive, High Point, NC 27260 (High Point Location). Do not put it off any longer.

Is It Necessary For Me To Appear In Court?

If you employ our company, you won’t have to turn up for your court hearing, except for some more serious charges. We’ll send over an appearance waiver to you, allowing the Law Office of Tony Huynh to represent you in court without you having to show up. If you need to appear in court because your charges are not waivable offenses, we will let you know ahead of the court date.

Isn’t It Easier To Pay My Guilford County Traffic Ticket By Mail?

As we mentioned earlier, you acknowledge your guilt when you choose to mail, pay online or pay in any form the fee listed on the citation to the Guilford County Clerk of Courts. Deciding to pay the fine may have dire consequences for you in the long run.

This includes your car insurance premiums, freedom, reputation as well as the possibility of your license being revoked. For each traffic ticket, the ideal recommendation is for you to meet with a traffic lawyer Guilford County NC and have them iron out the situation for you.

How Can You Assist Me With A Ticket Received For Driving On A Revoked License?

A Guilford County traffic lawyer will assist you in determining the core reason for the suspension of your license and take steps to remedy it. This is not a situation that you should in any way attempt to handle on your own.

We will advocate with you in court to get the charge withdrawn or reduced to a lower degree until the suspension situation reaches a suitable resolution.

Will A Speeding Ticket I received In North Carolina Affect My Driver’s License or Insurance Rates Even Though I Don’t Live In That State?

It is possible; however, the guidelines set out by your state’s DMV and Department of Insurance must be followed. An out-of-state speeding ticket will impact both your driver’s license and your insurance premiums in several states, including North Carolina.

Before you decide whether to pay the fine or dismiss it, check with a traffic lawyer Guilford County NC to weigh the best options that will not affect you.

What Are The Average Ticket Costs In Guilford County, North Carolina?

Typically, court costs and penalties for a speeding ticket in Guilford County, NC. Court costs  start at $188. Usually the final amount will be higher and we will notify you the finalized amount once the case is resolved and provide you method to pay costs.

Any traffic issue you have should never be taken on single-handedly. Getting the help of a Guilford County traffic lawyer at the Law Office of Tony Huynh could prevent high costs and possible loss of freedom. Contact us today.

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