Are you sometimes tempted to drive faster than the speed limit to get to your destination? If you reside in Orange County, North Carolina, and give in to this temptation, obtain help from the Law Office of Tony Huynh.

Drivers beaching traffic laws in their community will most likely receive a violation. Laws governing traffic violations are local and numerous. In addition to tickets and fines, some citations require the driver to attend traffic school.

Types of Traffic Citations

There are two types of traffic citations, major and minor. Some of the more serious violations include moving violations such as reckless or drunk driving or leaving the scene of an accident. Less serious types of traffic offenses include parking violations and some minor driving violations. A traffic ticket attorney Orange County can help.

  • Speeding
    • Speeding is the most common violation.
    • State regulations set the speed limit. Most states enforce a maximum 65-mph speed limit. There are two kinds of speed limit violations, prima facie or fixed maximum.
    • The prima facie allows drivers to justify the speed of their driving if safe and lawful.
    • The fixed maximum limit states it’s unlawful to exceed the posted speed limit anywhere at any time.
  • Driving over a median or center divider
  • Driving on the shoulder of the road
  • Not wearing a seat belt
  • Not yielding for a crosswalk and hitting a pedestrian when stopping is required
  • Driving around a school bus if children are loading or unloading
  • Running a red light or stop sign
  • Failure to abide by the right-of-way or to allow a way for a vehicle in the right lane to merge
  • Failure to use your signal when making a turn or changing lanes
  • Failure to stay in a specified lane or weaving between two lanes

If you have committed one of the above offenses, you need a traffic lawyer Orange County NC.

Questions You May Have If You Live In Orange County, NC

You may need the help of an Orange County traffic lawyer as North Carolina traffic law is complex, making the handling of your violation a very challenging process. For certain people, the confusion that comes with getting a ticket makes the entire process seem daunting, so they ignore the citation completely. They may mishandle the situation, which could end in a negative result.

If you reside in Orange County and get a ticket, Orange County traffic lawyers can help with questions you may have, the answers of which are not always clear.

Will I need to go to Court if I get a ticket in Orange County, NC?

Aside from specific minor traffic offenses, North Carolina law requires in-person court appearances for individuals receiving traffic citations. A court appearance to handle your traffic citation can be intricate and confusing for someone unfamiliar with the ins and outs of North Carolina traffic law.

Fortunately, if you receive a ticket and do not wish to appear in Court, hiring an attorney to appear for you is possible. It is important to note that certain major offenses like excessive speeding charges or driving while impaired (DWI) may still require a Court appearance.

When facing charges more serious in nature, individuals must understand what is and is not possible in Court. It would be the job of Orange County traffic lawyers to educate you on available options.

If I miss my Court date in Orange County, NC, what happens?

If you do not appear on your Court date, they may assess a $200 additional Failure to Appear (FTA) penalty in addition to typical Court costs. If this FTA is not paid promptly, a missing court date could also result in the suspension of your driver’s license. More importantly, for other serious violations, an FTA could lead to your arrest. If you have lost your traffic citation, you can locate your case information on the North Carolina Court System website.

On their website, you can confirm your charges and other important information about your case by reviewing the court calendar. If you miss your court date, a traffic lawyer Orange County NC can petition the Court to remove the FTA and the $200 FTA fee. This motion is at the discretion of the Court.

How A Lawyer Can Help With Orange County Traffic Offenses

An Orange County traffic lawyer can help. Their goal is to avoid any impact on your auto insurance or license. Every case is unique, but an Orange County traffic lawyer knows the best way to handle these cases.

A traffic ticket attorney Orange County can go to Court for you. Multiple appearances could be necessary at the Orange County Courthouse, requiring days off work, finding a babysitter, or other inconveniences.

Traffic violations can be painful in terms of both time and money. They will probably lead to increased insurance rates and wasted time in Court. You could pay the ticket to avoid the hassle altogether. But Orange County traffic lawyers would suggest you don’t pay it without first consulting with them. You could be admitting guilt by paying the citation and will probably have an increase in your car insurance premiums.

Experienced North Carolina Traffic Lawyer Tony Huynh can help with all driving offenses. Before giving up your driving rights, call Tony Huynh to find out more about how he can help. He knows how to investigate any evidence against you. He can negotiate to keep you from losing your license, help you avoid increased insurance premiums, and avoid adding points against your license.

Some traffic violations result in the revoking of your driving privileges. Having your license suspended or revoked can result in loss of work. If you admit guilt, your car insurance goes up, and your license could be suspended. In North Carolina, if you have over 12 traffic violations or license points in three years, this can lead to a suspension. The law office of Tony Huynh can help.

In North Carolina, aggressive driving, following too closely, illegal passing, or driving on the wrong side of the road count toward points on your license. If North Carolina police officers stop you for such violations, the fines are pretty high. Besides the fines and the increase in your auto insurance rates, it adds unwanted points against your license. In some cases, your insurance rates will double.

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Call the law office of Tony Huynh to provide you all the help you need with any traffic violation. Do not handle the situation yourself — seek a qualified professional to handle it for you. You will be glad you did.

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