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How to get help from the Traffic Lawyer Randolph County NC trusts.

Need a traffic lawyer for your speeding or traffic citation in Randolph County? Let Randolph County traffic lawyer Tony Huynh, Esquire help you.

Have you received a traffic ticket while driving between Archdale and Asheboro, or other points within Randolph County, NC? Let Randolph County traffic attorney Tony Huynh, Esquire help you.

Asheboro, NC Traffic Lawyer Tony Huynh Can Help

Before you head off to Randolph County Traffic Courthouse in Asheboro, NC for traffic court, consult with Tony Huynh. He can help you with numerous traffic violations, including speeding tickets, tickets for broken tail lights, driving under the influence (DUI) tickets, and minor traffic accidents.

Attorney Tony Huynh has practiced law for more than six years, maintaining hearty respect for the working class and helping people address traffic cases to obtain the best possible outcome. His overarching goal remains to find a resolution to your case that doesn’t impact your driver’s license or auto insurance.

Rather than simply paying for your traffic or speeding ticket outright, consult an attorney. By simply paying for the ticket, you plead guilty or no contest. That can result in an increase in auto insurance premiums for you on top of the cost of the ticket and the court costs. Without an attorney, you could lose points on your license or lose your license altogether if you have racked up more than one ticket.

Having a traffic ticket attorney Randolph County trusts advocate for you and argue your case can result in fewer court trips. Obtaining an attorney’s services can help you reduce your needed appearances, which results in needing to take fewer vacation days from work. You also won’t need to procure a babysitter for the kids for as many days nor experience many other inconveniences. Hiiring attorney Tony Huynh can cost much less than the opportunity costs of multiple days in court or pleading guilty and paying the initial fine.

Randolph County Traffic Citation, Speeding Ticket or Moving Violation in Archdale, Asheboro, Millikin or Any Other Locale


Call Randolph County Traffic Attorney Tony Huynh, Esquire

Tony Huynh started his law practice in North Carolina six years ago, upon graduating from Elon University’s College of Law. Originally from Lynchburg, Virginia, Huynh decided to re-locate permanently to NC upon his graduation. Since obtaining his license to practice law, he has practiced within Randolph County, providing him with intimate knowledge of the procedures and policies of the Randolph County District Attorney.

Did you obtain a ticket in nearby Montgomery County?

Randolph County’s neighboring county is Montgomery. The two counties have similar traffic laws. In both counties, you may be able to take care of your ticket without making a court appearance. This remains true throughout the state of North Carolina, but in more serious cases in Randolph and Montgomery Counties, you can avoid a court appearance by retaining an attorney who specializes in traffic and speeding tickets. An attorney can often negotiate a substantial ticket cost reduction. You will not know how much you could have saved unless you obtain expert legal advice. Typically, Randolph County holds Administrative Traffic Court on Fridays, but it occasionally hears more serious cases involving vehicular offenses on other weekdays in regular District Court.

Reasons to Hire a Traffic Attorney for Your Randolph County Traffic Citation

The Many Ways Tony Huynh Law Office Can Help You

Randolph County traffic lawyer Tony Huynh knows the NC traffic laws as well as the rules and procedures of the state’s Department of Motor Vehicle and Department of Insurance. Each ticket issued must follow the rules and procedures, and any that does not can provide an opening for your attorney to negotiate the ticket. This can result in a reduced ticket cost, a reduced charge, or a decrease in the effect of the ticket on your auto insurance costs and whether or not you lose points on your license. Your attorney may be able to obtain a Prayer for Judgment Continuance (PJC), a legal doctrine unique to the state in which you plead guilty, but the violation does not detract points from your license, although documented in your record. You can only qualify for a PJC twice in five years per household. You may be able to do community service in place of paying a ticket. Many reasons exist for hiring a traffic attorney, among them the money and time you save by doing so.

Call Tony Huynh, the traffic ticket attorney Randolph County trusts for help with your speeding ticket, moving violations, or other traffic citation. Many cases do not require you to visit the office, since we can meet online via Zoom or over the phone. Read our client reviews on Avvo.com and Google Reviews to hear what your friends and neighbors say about us.

If you have received a speeding ticket or traffic citation in Randolph County, North Carolina, call the Law Office of Tony Huynh at (336) 355-7023. Let us help you as we have so many others in our years in business with the following types of cases:

  • Speeding.
  • Speeding in a School or Work Zone,
  • Following Too Closely,
  • Improper Lane Change or Turn,
  • Unsafe Movement,
  • Failure to Reduce Speed,
  • Careless and Reckless Driving,
  • Driving Without a License,
  • Expired Registration,
  • Driving While Impaired,
  • Driving While License Revoked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you go to traffic court in Randolph County, if you must go?

The county courthouse is located at 176 East Salisbury St., Suite 201, Asheboro, NC 27203.

What happens if you mail in a traffic ticket payment without going to court in Randolph County?

When you mail payment, you admit guilt. You would automatically suffer the consequences of admitting guilt and, depending on the ticket, that could result in losing your license, points on your license, or increased insurance premiums. It is a better strategy to hire an attorney and fight the ticket.

How many points does it take to lose your license?

It depends on the situation, but typically you must accrue 12 points in three years before the state suspends your driver’s license. That may sound like a lot, but many offenses contribute to this accrual, including things like littering from your vehicle. You may have thought only of speeding, but NC has many offenses, some that incur a penalty of three to five points per violation. Although unlikely, it is possible in NC to incur enough points in a single ticketing incident that you could lose your license. This makes hiring a traffic lawyer Randolph County NC depends on all the more important.

Give yourself the best chance of a reduced ticket which results in reduced negative consequences. Call the Law Office of Tony Huynh today.

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