DWLR (non-impaired) and the New DMV Laws

Driving While License Revoked (DWLR) Laws In North Carolina 

Driving while your license is revoked (DWLR) offenses are very serious in the state of North Carolina, and it may be necessary to get a Wake traffic attorney to assist you with any criminal charges that you may face while attempting to deal with this. The reason for the careful consideration of getting a traffic lawyer Wake County is simply because you don’t want to take your chances in court while someone who doesn’t know what they are doing. There are too many people who risk it all and walk into court to defend themselves against these charges and later live to regret it.

Why Your License May Be Revoked (DUI)

It is possible to get your license revoked in the state of North Carolina if you have previously been convicted of a DUI charge. A Wake traffic lawyer knows this, and they know that this is often what leads up to a person facing a DWLR charge in the first place. They had their license revoked previously because of poor driving choices, and now they must live with the consequences of their actions. Of course, many people refuse to do so, and they may end up with a DWLR charge on top of everything else because they have not been careful about avoiding driving while their license is revoked. It is common among the Wake County traffic violations that are given out by law enforcement. People don’t want to stop driving just because their license is revoked, and they end up getting into more hot water than they otherwise would have.

Another Common Reason for A License Being Revoked 

Not everyone with a revoked license has been charged with a DUI offense in the past. Sometimes, the issue that Wake County traffic attorneys see for their clients is that the client has accumulated too many traffic violation points, and this has caused the state to revoke their license. It happens all the time with people who simply don’t have a great traffic attorney Wake County. They end up in a place where they do not contest traffic violations, and the points can add up extremely quickly. Thus, their license may be revoked at some point as they gather up too many points on that license. It is something that the Law Office of Tony Huynh sees all the time, and their staff of expert lawyers does everything within their power to try to help people understand the consequences of. You simply cannot allow those points to add up to the point where you get your license revoked. Your license is your ticket to the ability to drive, and you don’t want to give that up over some dumb mistakes that you make which could be avoided.

Why You Need a Lawyer for These Cases

You will not survive in the courts if you don’t have a quality lawyer arguing your case for you. As dramatic as that may sound, it is also the truth. Lawyers are amazing individuals who know how to battle in court and get the outcome that their clients deserve. Unfortunately, many people forgo an attorney as they think that they can handle this by themselves. That is not looked upon kindly by the courts, and it is easy to turn a minor traffic violation situation into something that alters your life in ways that you did not expect. You should always get legal assistance to step in and help you fight these cases whenever possible. The earlier that you get in touch with great lawyers, the sooner they can get to work fixing the problem for you. Put your trust in them and understand that their only objective is to get you the justice that you deserve. Once you understand that, it makes perfect sense to hire them.

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