How does Blood Alcohol Content Relate to NC Traffic Law

It is common knowledge that you are not legally allowed to drink alcohol and get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. The law frowns on this because you can cause serious injury to yourself or others if you are under the influence of alcohol and attempt to drive. A Caswell traffic attorney knows better than anyone that the best thing to do is inform the public of how the law works in this area and give them the information they need to make better decisions.

Legal Limits In North Carolina 

North Carolina follows the lead of many other states and mandates that any driver with a blood-alcohol level at 0.08% or higher can be arrested for driving while under the influence (DUI). Your traffic attorney Caswell can tell you that many people don’t realize how little alcohol it takes to reach those levels. The Caswell County traffic attorneys are so familiar with this because they defend people every day who commit Caswell County traffic violations as a result of not realizing that seemingly small amounts of alcohol can impair their judgment.

There is not a perfect science as to exactly how much alcohol will get an individual to the point where they break through the 0.08% BAC level. It is based on a person’s gender, height, weight, how much they have eaten recently, and so much more. That said, a traffic lawyer Caswell County will always caution their clients and the public to be extremely careful about how much they consume. They insist that it is necessary to monitor your alcohol consumption, and they would likely recommend that you do not go out into public if you feel that you have consumed more than you should. It is never worth the risk of getting arrested just to have a drink.

Why You Need an Attorney 

Maybe it seems pretty straightforward if you get arrested for a DUI, you will have to pay whatever the legal penalty is for it. However, it is not quite that simple. There can be any number of factors that go into account in a given case. It is not like a Caswell County speeding ticket where someone just pays the ticket to get it off their back. A DUI is a more serious charge, and it necessitates that lawyers get involved to get some of this straightened out. Why take a chance with getting a DUI put on your record when you don’t have to?

The Law Office of Tony Huynh is stacked full of lawyers who are capable of arguing cases on behalf of their clients who are fighting DUI charges. What they know is that most people are not simply going to allow themselves to be steamrolled by the system, and they shouldn’t. Police can make mistakes, and it may be possible to get a case dismissed entirely. Even if that is out of the question, there are a lot of other reasons to put up a fight as well.

Good lawyers can reduce the sentence that a defendant has to serve for their DUI incident. They just need to speak with the prosecutor, the judge, and other authorities in the case. They can use evidence such as a first-time offense situation to reduce the penalty that you have to face. If your lawyer can show that you are truly remorseful for what you have done, it is entirely possible that you can avoid jail time altogether. The court may order you into an alcohol abuse treatment program or something like this, but that is certainly preferable to being sent to jail for your offense. You deserve to have a second chance, and your lawyer can work towards getting that outcome or an even better one for you once you hire them.

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