How Important is it to Consider an Attorney for a DUI Charge?

dui chargeAfter receiving a DUI charge, most hesitate to request legal representation because of financial concerns. This is a crucial mistake and most commonly occurs with first-time cases when the driver isn’t aware that an affordable traffic attorney NC is readily available. There are payment plans and other financial considerations available for those who are strapped for cash.

NC Greensboro traffic attorneys note that while fighting a DUI charge is possible and your constitutional right, seeking an NC DUI attorney will give you the best chance of getting the charges dropped or lessened. Others wonder if using a public defender is the best option, which can significantly prolong the case.

If you want to maintain your current driving privileges and keep your license after being charged, you must seek proper legal assistance to dispute the charge and find the best North Caroline DUI lawyer nearby. These specialty DUI lawyers can look at alternatives to get you out of certain DUI requirements which take time and money, depending on the case information.

Commonly, those with a first charge offense did not expect this to happen which prompts them to panic and wonder if hiring a traffic lawyer Alamance NC, is the best option. Unlike most criminal charges, a plea bargain is less likely for a DUI charge because of tough new laws resulting in prosecutors acting to the full extent of the law. For this reason, it is best to protect yourself by hiring Orange County traffic ticket attorneys NC.

What the Attorney will Look for

Traffic violations law firms are a dime a dozen but not all are created equal. You do not want to waste your time and money by not properly vetting the firm for an attorney who will put their full effort into your case.

A good attorney will first thoroughly assess the arrest details to ensure the process was followed according to the law and there are no holes in the case. At this time, the lawyer will evaluate your chance of success in court and the probability of having the case dismissed or specific charges dropped. Your DUI attorney must work rigorously to ensure the state’s work is challenged. A complete analysis of the evidence, including your version of the events and the police report, will allow the lawyer to create a tailor-made plan for your court appearance.

Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer for your Case

The latest 2021 DUI laws across all states have more severe consequences than ever before, even for first-time offenders. Given the seriousness of the offense, it is crucial to hire a competent DUI attorney who can help you fight these charges. There are many benefits to hiring a DUI lawyer, including:

Charge Dismissal Before Court

The best result is a total charge dismissal before going to court. This clears your criminal record of all charges. This occurs when the prosecution’s best evidence is not legally admissible in court. When this occurs, your attorney can fight for the case to be dropped completely.

Penalty Avoidance

DUI specialists know how to negotiate with the prosecution and court to get the charges reduced or avoid penalties like an ignition interlock, which is now common for first offenders. Attorneys will look to get the charges reduced to a reckless driving charge which has reduced consequences and helps to avoid additional penalties.

Saving a Driver’s License Suspension

DUI charges require a criminal court case to be held along with an Administrative License Review hearing. The driver has 10-days after the arrest to fight the license suspension at a DMV hearing, or the license will be suspended automatically. A DUI lawyer will help fight the DUI and license suspension so you can continue to drive.

Win Dismissal

If the case goes to court, a North Carolina DUI lawyer can help dismiss the charges when the driver is not guilty of the defense, or the presented evidence does not hold up. This is all determined during the evidence review made by the lawyer early in the process.

Although you have the right to represent yourself, it can be an uphill battle if you are unfamiliar with the local state DUI laws. For this reason, it is always best to hire a DUI firm like the Law Office of Tony Huynh who specializes in this field to help get you the best possible result.

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