Information That Will Be Included on Your Traffic Ticket

Traffic ticket violations can result in your license being revoked or suspended. In the state of North Carolina, more than 12 license points or traffic violations in 3 years often lead to license suspension.

You will need the services of a Randolph NC traffic lawyer if you get pulled over for traffic violations in North Carolina in the Asheboro area. The fines are quite high, and in addition to the fines, it increases your insurance rates and adds unwanted points against your license. In North Carolina, being cited for driving on the wrong side of the road, illegal passing, aggressive driving, and following too closely all count toward points on your license. As a result, you will also see your insurance rates increase and, in some cases, double.

The law office of Tony Huynh can help with serious traffic violations, speeding tickets, passing a stopped school bus, seatbelt violations, or running a red light. Don’t give up your right to drive; call Tony Huynh to find out how he can help you.

Tony Huynh is a knowledgeable, highly qualified, and experienced traffic lawyer. He will fight for you so you can maintain your style of life after a serious traffic violation. When you hire a Randolph County traffic lawyer, you don’t have to go to court, as they will handle the case for you.

Information on a Traffic Ticket

When you retain the services of a Reidsville NC traffic lawyer, he or she will review the information on the traffic ticket for accuracy, begin to investigate the charge against you, negotiate to help you keep your license, avoid the addition of points against your license and avoid higher insurance rates.

Vehicle Information

The police officer will write down the make, model, color, license plate number, and automobile registration number. The officer will then call in this information and check for outstanding warrants.

Time and Place of Alleged Offense

Included will be the date, time, and exact location of the stated infraction. Even though it is possible to raise a defense based on errors on the ticket made by an officer, it is essential to note that incorrect information on a citation does not automatically result in the dismissal of the ticket. A Rockingham County traffic lawyer will verify this information for accuracy.


The citation will describe the offense, for example, “failure to stop at a stop sign,” along with the vehicle code section that was breached. This allows you the opportunity to research online common defenses and fine amounts before you receive the summons and courtesy reminder. In most jurisdictions, it is the driver’s responsibility to take care of a traffic ticket, even if the court is late mailing the summons and fine notice. Although it is often not available until the summons and notice arrive, information on the ticket may include notice of whether or not you can contest the ticket in a court hearing. A Rockingham County traffic lawyer can verify this information for you.

Officer Identification

The police officer who issued the ticket must note his or her name and badge number, along with a signature. If you decide to contest the citation, the officer will have the opportunity to assert the validity of the charges and other information included in the traffic summons.

Consider meeting with a Randolph County traffic lawyer if you wish to contest the charges on a traffic summons. The law office of Tony Huynh will provide the personal one-on-one attention you require from the initial meeting to its conclusion. You will receive timely notifications regarding your matter, and he will return your calls and reply to emails within the day. Tony Huynh will be available to give you the assurance you need throughout the daunting legal process. Contact him today — you will be glad you did.

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