Family Law

Family Law

When it comes to law, it can be difficult to know what type of law you need to turn to. Family law involves a wide range of topics, generally related to family matters. It usually is connected to divorce and child custody issues, although there are some other elements to family law. If you or a loved one is in need of family law representation, contact North Carolina family law attorney Tony Huynh for assistance.

A family lawyer is able to help when it comes to divorce or an annulment. Both are similar and dissolve a marriage, although an annulment must occur within a set period of time following a divorce. At the conclusion of an annulment, the marriage technically never happened (at least legally speaking). This can help regarding assets. However, due to the time situation, most weddings that are dissolved end in divorce.

Family law also covers a wide range of child issues. Following divorce, child custody is an important area of concern for anyone with children. This directly connects with visitation rights and child support. An offshoot of child support is spousal support and it also is covered under family law.

There are other situations connected with family law. For someone (or a couple) interested in adopting a child, this is done through family law. Domestic violence, restraining orders, child protection and guardianship issues are covered under family law as well in the state of North Carolina.

Family law is one of the most important forms of legal practice as it involves just about everything close to you. From your marriage to your children, family law is not something that should be taken lightly. That is why anyone who is in need of an experienced family lawyer needs to look to the North Carolina family law attorney Tony Huynh.

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