Prayer for Judgement

traffic violationTraffic violations are taken very seriously in North Carolina. If you have received a ticket, then you must deal with it within the time prescribed. It will do no good for you to ignore it in the hope that it will go away. Failure to respond to a court summons to answer for your traffic violation can lead to even harsher penalties. There are ways to defend yourself against the consequences of a traffic ticket. You should consult a Durham NC traffic lawyer to determine the best path forward if this happens in Durham.

If you tell family and friends about your traffic ticket, you will probably receive a great deal of advice on how to get out of it. You should not act on views offered by people with little knowledge and insight into how traffic law and traffic courts work. If you were pulled over and need advice around the Piedmont Region, you should seek the help of a professional Durham Traffic Lawyer and/or Wake County traffic attorney.

Prayer for Judgement 

If you have spoken with loved ones about your traffic, one of them may have mentioned Prayer for Judgement. PJC is unique to North Carolina and is often used in traffic violations. If you plead guilty in traffic court and ask for a Prayer for Judgement, then the offense will not be entered against you. This means that the points will not be added to your license. This may sound like a good deal, but such petitions are not always granted. You should also know that a PJC can only be used twice in five years per household.

Not all judges have the same view about this petition. Some are solidly against it. Before you decide to enter this petition, you should consult with your Durham County traffic lawyer. They may have insight as to whether the judge presiding over your case has a record of approving PJC petitions. You should never go into such a situation blind.

You should also know that a Prayer for Judgement can lead to increased insurance rates, driver’s license suspension, employment and housing issues, and other difficulties. You may save points being added to your license only to have your license suspended, which will show up on a background check. Any potential employer or apartment complex manager will see this when screening you, which can lead to rejection.

These are some of the factors to keep in mind when determining whether to use PJC:

  • You are pleading guilty, but there is no guarantee that the judge will approve your petition
  • You cannot use this petition if you have been cited for DUI or speeding tickets over 25 mph
  • DMV recognizes PJCs every 5 years
  • Most insurance companies recognize the PJC every 3 years

A traffic ticket attorney Wake County is best placed to determine whether a PJC is suitable for your situation. You should take advice from them, not the people you know—however well-intentioned they may be.

Other Options 

If it is not in your best interests to pursue a Prayer for Judgement, you need not fret. Your lawyer will present other options to you. It is the job of traffic violations law firms to help ordinary people get through situations like this. If the evidence shows that you were unfairly ticketed or that the amount of the fine is disproportionate to the severity of the infraction, then your attorney may argue to have it dismissed or reduced. If you have evidence that shows the police officer who stopped and ticketed you did so unlawfully, then it may be possible to avoid points being put on your license. You should contact the Law Office of Tony Huynh to review your options.

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