School Zone Violations: Your Guide

Committing a traffic violation is never a good thing, but the ramifications for you as the driver are increased when that violation occurs in a school zone. Of all of the Forsyth County traffic violations that you could commit, you definitely do not want to find yourself having committed one in a school zone.

Speeding While in A School ZoneĀ 

There are special speed limits set up in school zones for the protection of the children going to school there. Flashing yellow lights indicate what the speed limit is in the school zone when those lights are flashing. It is so important that you take those flashing lights seriously and that you respect the traffic laws relevant to a school zone. People are counting on you and every other driver to do their best to keep the children protected, and this means following the posted speed limit. Forsyth County traffic attorneys see people come to their offices all the time after having committed a traffic violation in a school zone that they never should have committed. It is not as though the clients are going out of their way to be jerks or to cause harm to anyone, it is just that they didn’t pay enough attention to the posted speed limits, and now they are in trouble.

A Forsyth traffic attorney is absolutely worth hiring in these situations. You technically have the right to defend yourself in court without an attorney, but this is a bad idea. The problem with this approach is that you are attempting to do something that you are not trained to do. You don’t perform your own medical procedures; you go to a doctor. So why then is it okay to try to practice law when you are not a lawyer? The simple answer is that it is not. You should not attempt to do this, and you know it. Thankfully, you can get a traffic lawyer Forsyth County who can help with these matters.

Stopping For School Buses

You are responsible for stopping for school buses when they put their stop sign up. You can see a traffic attorney Forsyth about this, but you know that you should always stop when the small stop signs on the side of the bus comes out. It is the law, and it is meant to protect the children on the bus. When the sign is out, it means that children are getting off of the bus. They need to be protected from oncoming traffic, and that means that you need to stop.

A violation of the school bus stop sign is far worse than a Forsyth County speeding ticket because the implications of what could happen if you do not stop are so high. Children could be hit by your vehicle and seriously injured or even killed. It is no small matter, and that is why the courts take it so seriously.

If you are in violation of a traffic law in a school zone in particular, then you need to get in touch with the Law Office of Tony Huynh. It is likely that you committed this violation completely by mistake and that you feel bad about it. That is how most people react when they learn that they have violated some part of the traffic code in an area where children could be harmed. Thus, you need good legal representation that can help make that case for you, and that can show the court that you are not a bad person. You simply made an error that you regret and that the court should try to have some sympathy about. You didn’t want to get anyone hurt, and you deserve to let the court know this. The best way to do so is through the voice of an attorney.

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