The Importance of Registering Your Vehicle

Getting a car is a necessity. It is an exciting moment to say goodbye to inconvenient bus and train rides. However, you need to step up and take on the responsibility of being a car owner. It would be best if you acted per the law.

Registering your car is an important step a new car owner must take. A Reidsville NC traffic lawyer, helps people navigate vehicle registration. At the Law Office of Tony Huynh, you can get a traffic lawyer from Rockingham County NC, to assist you with the registration process.

When should you register a vehicle?

Register your vehicle if you have just done the following.

  • You are a new car owner.
  • You want to register an out-of-state vehicle.
  • The car was pre-owned, and you need to change ownership.

You have to visit the DMV offices to register an out-of-state vehicle. The law requires all people coming from out of state to title and register their cars. You can do it on a single trip provided you carry all the necessary documents.

If you have just purchased a car from another owner, you need to transfer the car ownership. At the back of the car title, both the buyer and seller must sign and date. The buyer then proceeds to the state DMV to update the existing vehicle register to his name. In case DMV raises any issues that can prevent car registration, Forsyth County traffic lawyer will help you out.

A new car from a dealership comes fully titled and registered by the dealer. You only have to confirm that the registration was conducted properly.

Why should one register a car?

In North Carolina, registering a car protects you as the owner and other drivers on the road. The DMV tracks car ownership in case of any liabilities. In case of theft and someone uses your auto irresponsibly, you can prove you are not liable. Therefore, it is a rule that all drivers register their cars with the DMV before they drive them.

If your car has pending issues or cases, consult with a Reidsville NC traffic lawyer before starting the process.

Requirements to register a vehicle in North Carolina

  • Vehicle title or a complete NCDMV application form
  • Vehicle bill of sale
  • Proof of residency
  • Proof of insurance
  • If you have an existing license plate you want to transfer to the vehicle, carry documentation for the license plate.
  • If you are leasing a car carry lease of agreement

You must also be ready to pay highway use taxes, vehicle registration fees, property taxes for the minivan, car, or truck your wish to register. When paying for the registration fees, the amount will depend on the vehicle type and purchase location. A  Winston Salem NC traffic lawyer provides legal advice to people with complex cases who need vehicle registration.

How to apply for vehicle registration in North Carolina


If you wish to complete the vehicle registration process in person, avail yourself of the DMV offices near you. Carry all the documents required and pay the registration fees. The process may take up to two weeks to get your vehicle registration details.

You can visit a specialty office in Charlotte or Raleigh for those who wish to apply for an expedited title or instant title. An Asheboro NC traffic lawyer can help you with the process in case of complications.

By mail

North Caroline residents can complete vehicle registration through the mail. All you need to do is send everything that is required to complete the process. You can send your documents in an envelope to the following address.

Vehicle Titles/Liens, Duplicate Registration

3148 Mail Service Center

Raleigh, NC 27699

Refusal of registration

Sometimes DMV may refuse to register your vehicle. It could result from other issues like unpaid child support, credit warning, unpaid taxes, debts to the DMV, and errors in your application. Driving your car at such times is against the law. If you wish to handle such a case, you need the help of a lawyer.

For unresolved traffic violation cases that could deter your vehicle registration, visit the Law Office of Tony Huynh for assistance.

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